Not Competing with Blockbuster

bq.There are two related but distinct phenomena here. One is in-library gaming activities, including organized tournaments and open gaming time. The other is the circulation of games, gaming devices, and other gaming materials. The Ann Arbor District Library, which excels at gaming tournaments, does not circulate games. Eli Neiburger from the AADL, who also spoke during the first day of this symposium, does not want to put the library in direct competition with Blockbuster and other retail game rental businesses. Nicholson’s research found that only 20 percent of the libraries surveyed actually circulate games. – “Tom Peters(Oh The Games People Play Now–In Libraries)”: We use to use the “not competing with Blockbuster” argument to not buy the latest big budget Hollywood films. We don’t anymore and I am not sure, in retrospect, why we ever thought that was a logical argument. And this “doesn’t seem to be(Hot DVDs)”: a universal policy at AADL, either.