Cult of the Amateur

I just finished reading Andrew Keen’s “Cult of the Amateur(Cult of the Amateur)”: I had heard it discussed on more than one podcast, so I had been looking forward to reading it. It was pretty much what I expected. Keen holds a “Michael Gorman-esque(Gorman on Web 2.0)”: view of the world, in that the only choices that matter are made by book publishers, newspapers editors, and record producers. Everyone else should stay on the sideline and be happy that they are allowed the privilege of purchasing things chosen by industry giants. He singles out Lawrence Lessig, Jimmy Wales, and Glenn Reynolds for particular scorn. And he sometimes blames Web 2.0 for issues like Internet gambling and Child pornography without making bothering to explain just how they are linked. He is also the only person I can think of that champions both COPA and Dopa. “Michael Sauers(The Cult of the Amateur a partial response)”: does a great job of going point by point through it. If you want to read a well-written screed, I can’t think of a better one. But I don’t really consider it anything more than that.