TextDrive vs. Textpattern

Once upon a time, TextDrive was started with a certain idea in mind.
bq.TextDrive was founded in 2004 by Dean Allen, and was originally conceived as a managed hosting service for users of his Textpattern content-management system. In an unusual move, Allen offered lifetime hosting accounts, at a one-time price of USD$199, to the first two hundred customers in lieu of seeking venture capital; this initial group was dubbed the “VC 200”. The scope of the company quickly moved beyond Textpattern hosting, however, and TextDrive has been a general-purpose hosting service for most of its history… Since early in its history, TextDrive has provided support to open source software projects; the company donates a portion of proceeds from each customer’s hosting services to an open source project of the customer’s choice, and has offered hosting services specifically tailored for developers of open source projects. – “Wikipedia(TextDrive)”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TextDrive Four years later, things have changed.
bq.As a pragmatic result of our long-lasting struggle to tame the touchy Subversion host we finally gave in and moved our code repository. – “Robert Wetzlmayr(Textpattern repository moved to Google Code)”:http://textpattern.com/weblog/315/textpattern-repository-moved-to-google-code I still have my second round VC lifetime account so this won’t affect me directly but I still think this sort of marks the end of an era. And not in a good way.