Author Billboard : SEX and EGO DEATH

LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Author Gregor Reti is making a personal attack on the egos and lifestyles of shoppers on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, by raising funds for an inflammatory billboard that reads, “SEX and EGO DEATH: How exciting is your sex life?”Sex Ego Death

Local storekeepers are already up in arms, one Rodeo Drive shopper, who requested to stay anonymous, even called the billboard, “An attack on the industries that have put Los Angeles on the map – fashion, tourism, celebrities, and luxury goods.” Parent groups are expected to follow suit in fighting the billboard.
Reti refuses to disclose the name of the media broker who has promised to install the billboard, but reiterates that “a deal has been made and this will happen.”
According to Reti’s fundraising site on, this billboard is intended to “to raise enough funds to buy a billboard in a materialism-oriented world in order to MAKE PEOPLE THINK, and through that process gain enough understanding of their “true self” – the self without judgments or social constraints – to create a positive shift in their own personal life, subsequently elevating our collective human consciousness.”
Why Los Angeles?
Reti believes Los Angeles, particularly the materialistic heart of it, Rodeo Drive, is the ideal test bed for what he believes should be a social movement. Reti’s rockethub site states: “Nearly all of the billboards in LA feature lusty women looking as if they are readily close to orgasm wearing expensive clothes…sex is everywhere, but why isn’t anyone openly talking about it? Why aren’t we being honest about the content that we, our families, and tourists see and lust after on billboards everyday? Are people really lusting for the featured product or are they lusting to connect with their own sexuality through a product?”
Reti’s motives aren’t entirely altruistic, he also aims to promote his new book, “SEX & Ego Death” through the billboard and boost sales upon its release next month. The back cover of the book summarizes Reti’s writing as: “Inspired by his erotic and transcendental experiences, Gregor uses his writing to fight for the ideal of truth while battling hypocrisy. ‘I wish I could prove to people faster how tightly courage and happiness are intertwined. We can only thrive in a radically honest environment’. His book, SEX & EgoDeath, shows the devastating power of fear and how our ego uses it to isolate us, but also reveals a profound path to personal liberation.”
Reti’s book was sought after by Waterside Publishing, the same company that represents spiritual guidance giants such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. In an internal memo, Bill Gladstone (agent for Eckhart Tolle) said of “SEX & EgoDeath: “This book has the potential to become a viral bestseller.” Some have called the book “Eckhart Tolle on steroids or Viagra.”
The SEX and EGO DEATH billboard will have a test-run in July on the Reuter’s screen in New York’s Times Square.

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