Kanawha Library

Property Tax Drop hit Kanawha Libraries

And it is a hit they really aren’t in a position to take. Last year, a decision by the State Supreme Court impacted funding for the library system, causing a building plan to be put on hold. And now:

The Kanawha County Public Library will receive slightly less funding from the county and city next year because of reductions in property values. On Monday, the library board of directors requested the city of Charleston sponsor a levy that would produce $1,025,385 for library operations and the Kanawha County Commission sponsor a levy that would produce $3,131,858. Those amounts, set for the 2015 fiscal year, are calculated based on a 1957 act that created the Kanawha County Public Library system and authorizes the city and the county to provide funding to libraries each year. – Drop in property values another blow for Kanawha libraries

Hopefully, the West Virginia State Legislature will come up with some solution. And soon.

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