Hugh Daniel

Public Libraries of Jefferson County get Grant from Daniel Foundation of Alabama

The Jefferson County Library Cooperative needs new Circulation Software.

“Our previous software was in desperate need of an upgrade,” Ryan said in an email to “The majority of the funds came from State Aid to Public Libraries, appropriated annually by the Alabama Legislature.” “However, we are indebted to the Daniel Foundation for providing us with the [funds] that allowed us to purchase this software. Until Jefferson County cut the Library Cooperative’s funding, due to the loss of the occupational tax, we were able to fund the local match required for most grants within our budget.” Ryan said that PLJC received $93,975 from State Aid. The software is Sierra Services, which was created by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. In addition to checking out items online, Sierra Services also “serves as a back office” for processing, cataloging items and annual statistical reporting. – Public Libraries in Jefferson County received $15,000 grant for software update

Thankfully, they found a solution for this but it sounds like there are still some longer-term issues.

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