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Italy wants Prisoners to Read

In Calabria, a southern region of Italy, Prisoners who read books can actually decrease their prison sentences.

The regional council of Calabria, in southern Italy, has approved a bill to reduce jail time for three days for each book read. It would be capped at 48 days in one year – amounting to 16 books in 12 months. According to local newspaper Corriere della Sera, inmates’ progress would be tracked by prison officers to stop abuse of the system. – Italian prisoners get cut sentences for reading as UK ‘book ban’ continues

It makes sense to me. It isn’t like it is going to make that big a difference in terms of time served but it could do some good in the long run.

The article also talks about the policy in the UK which doesn’t allow prisoners to receive packages. To me, it seems like there ought to be a way of families buy things from an approved third-party vendor.

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