Promoting and Cutting

The ALA is making an “effort”: to restore the proposed cuts in library funding.

Memories of a Movement

A different kind of digital “protest(Memories of a Movement)”: is taking place at UC Berkeley.

Seeking Library Aid

Funding of a “public(Back to drawing board for library aid)”: library (or the lack thereof).

Unfunded School Update

Another “case”: of a woefully unfunded school library, and while what the people there are doing is great, it is only a first step.

Novelist buys Newspapers

A second “look”: at the same subject focusing on Nicholson Baker’s personal crusade to save old newspapers.

Books in Libraries

“More(Is the Library a Good Place for Books?)”: on the issue of preserving the originals versus the digital copies. The librarians in the article make some excellent points…

Term Paper Profit

It seems publishers have finally noticed what I always suspected: the initial “market”: for e-books is college students.

Digital Data Fix

An “article(Get Your Digital Data Fix)”: praising “RefDesk”:

Her First Library Card

! Public Library’s Nancy Swanger, a library associate, shows her granddaughter Sarah Stone, 4, how to check out a library book and apply for her very first library card on Wednesday afternoon. Sarah was at the library with a group from Guardian Angel Child Care from Bruceton Mills in Preston County.)!