Mayoral Library Name

In Los Angeles, they are considering renaming the main library after “Richard J. Riordan”:, who just happens to be the current mayor.

Underwhelming Passion

Adding a new “innuendo”: to the American vocabulary: /I have an extensive library waiting for you to peruse at any time./

NY Librarians Pay

A sizable pay “increase(16% Increase Is Negotiated for Librarians)”: may be on the way for New York City librarians (although it seems it will only catch them back up with the suburbs.)

Novelist buys Newspapers

A second “look”: at the same subject focusing on Nicholson Baker’s personal crusade to save old newspapers.

Her First Library Card

! Public Library’s Nancy Swanger, a library associate, shows her granddaughter Sarah Stone, 4, how to check out a library book and apply for her very first library card on Wednesday afternoon. Sarah was at the library with a group from Guardian Angel Child Care from Bruceton Mills in Preston County.)!

Libraries and Voting

We “like”: Danon, Frye, and Murray!