Frustratingly Unattainable Benchmarks

bq.There is also the matter of his genius. Goethe once said – modestly not including himself in the list – that certain individuals, like Shakespeare and Mozart, were put on earth solely in order to provide frustratingly unattainable benchmarks of human capacity and achievement.

Linux invented Linus

Next time you need an example of how the Internet is not always an authoritative source, you can point this to how the “Alexis de Tocqueville Institution(Alexis de Tocqueville Institution)”: claims that Linus Torvald “didn’t invent(Torvalds claim to invent Linux probably false, says new study)”: Linux.

Deism and Patrick Henry

A couple of weeks ago in the library at church, I happened across a chapter in the book discussing the reaction of leading Baptist philosophers to Deism. They had, as you might imagine, some rather strong opinions. I haven’t done a lot of research since then but it is interesting the things you come across or in at least one case, have sent to you.

Profiling Librarians

As Steven “noted(Yay and Yuck!!!)”:, Blogger has added their new profile system. So you can go through and look at all the people in a specific industry like the ever-popular “Museums / Libraries(Museums / Libraries)”: I found out any number of things like that “CLASS is in a class of its own(Higher Education)”: .

Appearance of Impropriety

Generally, Libraries buy books from vendors. And we pay them to do it. This is a sort of time-honored practice in a capitalist society. Rob Brian was apparently “paid(Librarian admits he was paid by US bookseller)”: to sell books to at least one vendor.

Joan Frye Williams

I just spent the last two days in a workshop with the truly fantastic “Joan Frye Williams(Joan Frye Williams)”: While her website is sort of plain, I can tell you that she is one of the “Infopeople(Biographical Info for Joan Frye Williams)”:, or you can go here to read her “biography(Joan Frye Williams)”:

Librarian Quick Takes

I found a bunch of librarian stories this morning. * Wendy Axhelm was “fired(Court next stop for fired librarian)”: by the “Travis Unified School District(Travis Unified School District)”: because her busband, Harry, is a board member. * Marie Bryan says she was “forced out(I was forced to retire)”: of her position as Director of the “Woodland Public Library(Woodland Public Library)”:

Julius Schwartz

Last summer at DragonCon, one of the sessions on the Comic Book Track was about Super Teams. On the panel were “Geoff Johns(About Geoff Johns)”:, writer of JSA, Avengers, and Teen Titans and “Judd Winick(The Worlds of Judd Winick)”:, writer of Exiles and Outsiders (and you may remember from the “Third Season(Real World 3: San Francisco)”: of the Real World.) The other member of the Panel was lengendary DC Comics Editor, “Julie Schwartz(Julius Schwartz)”:

A Librarian named Jenny

Hey, this “Jenny Levine(Woman key in bringing tech to libraries in suburbs)”: person sounds really talented! Wouldn’t it be cool if she had a “weblog(The Shifted Librarian)”:

Trina Magi

Trina Magi has staked a position as an opponent of the Patriot Act and as a “Defender of the Free World(Defender of the Free World)”: She is also a past president of the “Vermont Library Association(Vermont Library Association)”: as well as Reference Librarian at the “University of Vermont(Welcome to the UVM Libraries)”: