Secret Wars

Dorothea has been initiated into the dark secret of Librarianship, and is revealing it to the world. bq.I am developing a sense of a quiet but deadly conflict between public-service and technical-services librarians. – “Dorothea Salo(Clash of the concepts)”: She makes some excellent points, but I do sense a slight …

Action Figure Outrage

Remember the “Librarian Action Figure”: Most librarians I knew thought it was funny, but “not(Librarians oppose shushing action figure)”: “everyone(‘Quintessential librarian’ becomes a divisive doll)”: thinks so. I think everyone should keep in mind that sometimes, any “publicity(Stronger Than a Silent E)”: is good “publicity(Librarians to the Rescue)”:

Librarian Action Figures

Nancy Pearl You know you have arrived as a librarian when you have an action figure. You can read about Nancy Pearl’s “achievement(Toymaker finds librarian who’s a real doll )”: And then you can visit “Archie McPhee(Welcome to Archie McPhee Online)”: to find out if it is in stock yet.

Moore-Valenti Connection

Michael Moore , whose career has benefited from support from librarians, cites as a kindred spirit one of the greatest foes of libraries, Jack Valenti . Kind of an odd choice for someone concerned about the “forces of capitalism.”