Secret Wars

Dorothea has been initiated into the dark secret of Librarianship, and is revealing it to the world.
bq.I am developing a sense of a quiet but deadly conflict between public-service and technical-services librarians. – “Dorothea Salo(Clash of the concepts)”: She makes some excellent points, but I do sense a slight tilt toward the technical-services side.

The Singles Club for Shy People

bq.I don�t want to over-generalize here (even though that�s my favorite thing to do on this blog). Some people come to the library to actually work. Namely, those people can be classified as: girls. Everyone else goes to the library because they want to seem smart and get noticed in an atmosphere of pseudo-intellectualism.

Ritter and Cash

This morning I went online for a couple of minutes and read that Johnny Cash had “passed away(Country legend Johnny Cash dies)”: Sad, but not surprising to due his health problems and the recent loss of his wife. Then, on the way to work, I heard that Johnny Cash and John Ritter had both died.

Action Figure Outrage

Remember the “Librarian Action Figure”: Most librarians I knew thought it was funny, but “not(Librarians oppose shushing action figure)”: “everyone(‘Quintessential librarian’ becomes a divisive doll)”: thinks so. I think everyone should keep in mind that sometimes, any “publicity(Stronger Than a Silent E)”: is good “publicity(Librarians to the Rescue)”:

Librarian Action Figures

Nancy Pearl You know you have arrived as a librarian when you have an action figure. You can read about Nancy Pearl’s “achievement(Toymaker finds librarian who’s a real doll )”: And then you can visit “Archie McPhee(Welcome to Archie McPhee Online)”: to find out if it is in stock yet.

Glad to play Librarian

Anthony Steward Head says he is blessed to continue to be associated with his role as Giles, Librarian and Mentor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Moore-Valenti Connection

Michael Moore , whose career has benefited from support from librarians, cites as a kindred spirit one of the greatest foes of libraries, Jack Valenti . Kind of an odd choice for someone concerned about the “forces of capitalism.”

Doug from Lebanon

I just had an interesting discussion with Douglas Wilhoite , who does most anything involving computers at the Lebanon Public Library .