Sterling on Open Source

Because in the information economy, everything important that happens is about the relationship. The information economy is about who promises what to whom. Behind the scenes, it’s all about commitment. – Bruce Sterling

Endorsing White-Hat Hacking

No less than Richard Clark, President Bush�s computer security adviser, is encouraging hackers to locate and responsibly publicize security vulnerabilities in software, something that HP will not like.

Harmonic Music Retailing

Harmony House , a Michigan music retailer, has announced plans to cease operations at the end of this year and is citing both Internet Piracy and Recording Industry Tactics as the reasons. via bobbychild .

Semantic Web Winner

In a business article from 2009, Paul Ford predicts that Google will crush Amazon and Ebay by harnessing the power of the “Semantic Web.”

BookSystems Products

I spent most of the day today working with Concourse and eZcat from Book Systems, Inc. It is always interesting to see the design decisions made by different vendors. While I don’t think it would too well in my regular environment, it has some features that are missing from our much more expensive product .

Amazon Web Services

I stopped by Web Services and picked up a Token. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. Oh, to be as talented as Mark

Wal-Mart and Textbooks

When I stopped by Wal-Mart today to check out the new PCs with Mandrake Linux I had been reading about , I noticed that they had started selling textbooks .

New California Portal Plans

Rather than having Oracle operate their state portal site at a cost of $95 million, California is shutting down the Department of Information Technology and will farm out the work to other agencies.