Have you heard about the latest Web 2.0 service?
bq.Online Book Rental Library. Stop buying books when you can borrow new releases and classics with free shipping! Netflix has popularized online DVD Rental. We`re doing it for books! BookSwim is the first online BOOK RENTAL LIBRARY CLUB lending you paperbacks and hardcovers direct to your house WITHOUT THE NEED TO PURCHASE!

Pricing Microsoft

Does this sound cheap to you?
bq.Microsoft will be announcing plans later today to offer a bargain basement $3 version of Windows as well as Office 2007 exclusively to people in developing countries as part of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program.

False IRS Portrayals

Have you ever been to “ for”:
bq.Bad news for everyone out there pretending to be the IRS online: party’s over. The hammer is coming down. Gone are the carefree days when every man, woman, and child could run wild through cyberspace pretending to be Treasury Department without fear of repercussion.

Gaming Vista Reviews

Microsoft had a problem. They wanted people in the blogosphere to review their new operating system, Vista, and presumably say nice things about it. The problem lay in that fact they most people either do not have a PC capable of running Vista in Ultimate mode, or aren’t willing to sacrifice their personal computer at the moment to do an upgrade.

Googling Google

I don’t always keep up with Library Journal like I should, but our Director was pointing out something that caused me to notice “Google is Not the Net(Google is Not the Net)”: a few hours ago. Apparently, even Google would agree with that title.

Second Life Million

Tuesday Night I was involved in a discussion about how Second Life would soon exceed One Million residents. Someone said it would happen before the end of the year. I predicted it would be before the end of the week. It turns out we were both right and both pretty wrong.

Jeff Barr on Info Island

I attended an appearance by Amazon’s “Jeff Barr(”: tonight in Second Life. It really showed me once again how amazing SL can be: a group of people from who knows where gathered together virtually to listen to a speaker and have a real-time Q&A session.


I have reached the point in life where I am spend more time divesting myself of material possessions rather than adding new ones. In the past few years, I have donated more than a few books either here to our library or to our local friends.

MySpace not Web2.0

bq.If you look at virtually any Web 2.0 application, whether its YouTube, whether it’s Flickr, whether it’s Photobucket or any of the next-generation Web applications, almost all of them are really driven off the back of MySpace. Given that most of their traffic comes from us, If we build adequate if not superior competitors, I think we ought to be able to match them if not exceed them.

Movable Type Pricing

Remember this?
bq.And yesterday I learned, as most of you have probably also learned, that Movable Type 3.0 comes with a new licensing plan. 1 author and 3 sites is free. Up to 3 authors and 5 sites: $100. Up to 6 authors and 8 sites: $150.