The Perfect Thing

I have been a big fan of Steven Levy’s ever since my brother gave my a copy of the paperback copy of “Hackers(Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution)”: a couple of decades ago. I was eager to read his new book about the iPod.

The Danger of Dual ISBN

Back when I was taking cataloging a decade or so ago, I had a Professor who had what I have found to be a pretty unique perspective: She detested OCLC. She considered WorldCat to be filled with errors and problems. While she may have been a little harsh, she did have a point.

Content Café Update

I was cataloguing some paperbacks and I happened to notice that they were displaying the proper book cover even with an ISBN-13 listed first. Apparently, my “issue”: has been “fixed(Pegasus descending : a Dave Robicheaux novel)”:*&page=0 and ahead of any schedule I was expecting.

Content Café and ISBN-13

I was just looking at something in our catalog and noticed that whenever “a book(Pegasus descending : a Dave Robicheaux novel)”:*&page=0 is referenced by the new ISBN standard, a book cover is not displayed. I went and did some checking and found a partial answer.


I got an e-mail today reminding me of the upcoming switch to ISBN13 next January. Polaris has prepared a document that provides what looks to be a good overview, “Understanding the Impact of the 13-Digit ISBN(Understanding the Impact of the 13-Digit ISBN)”:, even if you are not their customer.

Multimedia Catalog

bq.I have a hunch that the aggregation of reviews/summaries/screenshots/renting beats the pants off anyone’s OPAC. Now, I’m not saying that we need to have robotic materials dispensing machines (which probably could be easily achieved with conveyor belts and RFID), but I am saying that it would be great to have, for instance, Novelists’ content out where people didn’t have a search to use it?

Cnet on FRBR

I did a double-take when I found this “entry(A blog on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records)”: in my Cnet Feed. The live bookmark sits right next to Catalogablog which recently had this “entry(FRBR 24/7)”: Only the thing is that I can’t figure out why Cnet couldn’t link to “The FRBR Blog(The FRBR Blog)”: correctly.

Folksonomies: Threat or Menace?

bq.Tagging is fundamentally about tapping the collective human wisdom, rather than relying on a computer algorithm, for search. And that human wisdom is bound to help you discover information a computer might not otherwise know to retrieve. – “Ben Shneiderman(Tags Ease Sifting of Digital Data)”:
bq.Folksonomies are far from generating a thesaurus never mind an ontology.

Authority control in AACR3

I haven’t read much about “AACR3(AACR3: Resource Description and Access)”: yet, but since I appear to be taking on a new role within our Cooperative, this document by Deirdre Kiorgaard and Ann Huthwaite, “Authority control in AACR3(Authority control in AACR3)”:, may prove to have been essential reading.

Sadomasochism in Europe

I just catalogued two books: “In the Name of Ishmael(In the Name of Ishmael)”: by Giuseppe Genna and “Platform(Platform)”: by Michel Houellebecq. Both by European authors and both with plots involving sadomasochism. Is this a trend, or what?