Phoenix Audio

I am in the middle of doing some cataloging and while I can find lots of instances of ISBN 0807220299 , I am not find any for 0087220280. I don’t know if that means a major shift to Audio CD from Cassette, or I just have a strange item.

Noor or Nur

Queen Noor of Jordan, the former Lisa Najeeb Halaby, has written an autobiography, Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life . Her authority record at the Library of Congress shows her as Noor, Queen, consort of Hussein, King of Jordan, 1951- .

Opinionated Metadata

A proposal has been advanced to include an opinion to add to the metadata gathered when linking to another page. Not a terrible idea at all, but I am not sure how libraries would handle it. Adding value judgements to something is not our regular practice, despite what some people think.

Star Trek fiction

Did you know that Star Trek fiction is an authorized Library of Congress genre heading? We are going back through and adding it to several hundred records. I also found out that we will be doing the same for Star Wars fiction.

Finding a Blog

Where’s Melvil Dewey when we need him? The 19th-century creator of the Dewey decimal system has helped generations navigate libraries. If only he could do the same for one of the 21st century’s burgeoning media: Web logs, the diary-like Web sites also known as blogs.

MARC Must Not Die

LJ has the article MARC Must Die by Roy Tennant. He says that the numbered tags are a problem. I like to think of them as language independent. He suggests that XML may be a replacement. However, XML records are very much larger and XML only specifies the carrier not the tags and content of those tags.

More FRBR Info

Everyone should read “FRBR & Topic Maps(FRBR & Topic Maps)”: to learn more about “FRBR(Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records)”:, which I think is tres cool.