GSAFD Genre Terms

One thing that I am learning more about since I have been cataloging are the Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc (which I don’t remember from LIS 6735 5 years ago).

Promise of Z39.50

I did some cataloging at work today (long story) but it gave me a chance to discover how truly wonderful Z39.50 is. It makes a tremendous of difference when you have multiple choices of records to choose from.

Meaning of ALA

“Acronyms happen. We have to stay alert for them. One man’s A List Apart is another woman’s American Library Association. ALA means different things depending on what crowd you run with.” – Christina Wodtke

Search Engine Bias

“If we ask a reference librarian a question, we take it for granted that we’ll be offered unbiased help. Librarians know not only how to find information, but how to assess its quality and authority. Most of us assume the same is true with search engines.” – Chris Sherman