Gnomedex 2007

Well, here I am again, back at Gnomedex for a second year. I am really looking forward to learning a great deal over the next couple of days. One difference from last year, though, is I am not going to write a post for every session.

Technology Training to Go

Recently, here in Florida, we had a conference entitled “Technology Training to Go.” It was kind of the latest iteration of the old “Florida Public Library Technology Workshop(Conference Traveling)”: which later became the “Florida Electronic Library Conference(Florida Electronic Library Conference)”: Anyway, the highlight of the conferences was a keynote by Stephen Abram.

Phil Torrone

Phil did a great presentation on open source software, the history of gizmos and gadgets, how they have been modified, how kits and popular again and lots of other ideas.

Jeremy Zawodny

Jeremy “planned(At Gnomedex)”: a session of what people are looking for in social software. It got more heated than I would have expected, but I think it has the potential to be productive, if everyone really listens to what was said.

Blake Ross

Blake talked about how Firefox was created to be a product that the development team’s parents could use. And how they marketed it through things like Spread Firefox. At some point, though, the discussion went off the rails thanks to Dave Winer and Steve Gillmor.

Halley Suitt

Halley spoke about being a “Creative Leader(Gnomedex: Suitt Discussion: The Creative Leader)”: I thought she did one of the best jobs of actually being a discussion leader.

Ethan Kaplan

Ethan works for Warner Music but had been involved in the music industry as a fan for the last decade. He seems to be making better websites (or at least more standards compliant ones).

Chris Messina and Tara Hunt

Chris, formerly of Flock, and Tara, formerly of Riya, talked about “thinking small(The State of the Agency)”: and their new startup, “Citizen Agency(Citizen Agency)”: Which translated into achieving success without becoming huge pretty much by defining success on your own terms.

Pud Kaplan

Very rambling talk about his career. It had some funny moments, but was very non-interactive.

Dave Winer

Dave wrote about “his talk(My talk this morning)”: ahead of time. He believes that eventually users will design products and demand them of manufacturers, rather than just take what they are given. If he’s right, it is a pretty good future to look forward to.