Avon Park Expansion

bq.Plans to expand and renovate the 12-year-old Avon Park Public Library will be proceeding, despite receiving a bid that exceeded the original $835,535 budget by $310,000. – “Bob Balgemann(County Bites Bullet On Library Overrun)”:http://www.highlandstoday.com/MGBE5P6O49E.html It isn’t very often I get to comment on a local news story (I don’t work there, but I live five minutes away).

Bookstore or Library?

Changes to the High Point Neal F. Austin Public Library are intended to “make the library look and feel more like a bookstore.”

Fresno County Proposal

Next time someone tells you libraries are going to be around much longer tell them about Fresno where they are planning a new library with a 97 Million pricetag.