Fairfax Closing Controversy

The Fairfax Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is going to be closed for 15 months as part of a refurbishing plan and the surrounding community is very unhappy.

Web Fuels Library Growth

And yet, rather than lead to the demise of libraries, the World Wide Web may have turned out to be a their saving grace. The Internet is fueling an increase in library use which, in turn, has led to a library-construction and renovation boom. – Steve Friess

feng shui in Libraries

As feng shui materials become more popular in libraries like North Port , has anyone actually used it to arrange a library?

Thousand Palms Community

A new library may be built in Thousand Palms due to an agreement reached by the Riverside County Library System with other area agencies

St. Peter Re-Opening

The St. Peter Public Library is happy to be moving into a new location for years after a hurricane devastated the old one.