The State of TiVo

One thing about being a TiVo owner: You are never quite sure if things are getting better or getting worse.
bq.Overall the lunch was very enjoyable and I found Stephen to be remarkedly candid. It is important to note that our lunch was a casual one between bloggers and although Stephen was very candid with us that his opinions are his own.


I had neglected to mention that after “all this time(Choosing an MP3 Player)”:, I finally picked out an MP3 Player: the “Rave-MP STYLE ARC2.5”: At this point, some of you may be wondering why when I just bought a “Treo 650(Treo 650)”: a few months ago.

Treo 650

I finally decided to take the plunge and trade up from my now-venerable “Treo 300(Handspring Treo 300)”: for a shiny new “Treo 650(Treo 650 Smartphone)”: I had followed all the concern over the “memory issue(PalmOne moves to ease Treo 650 memory gripes)”:, but it wasn’t a big factor for me because I didn’t have that many contacts or that much database driven software.

TiVo Their Way

As long-time readers around here know, I have been enthusiastic about TiVo “for a while(My last TiVo post)”: Unfortunately for TiVo they have been a “source of controversy(Behind the website)”: of late and it “does not appear(TiVo pop-up ads, restrictions on copying worry consumers)”: to be going to let up any time soon.

Digital Convergence Collision Course

Since I wrote the entry yesterday, I have become aware of two different products. First off, there is the Hauppage MediaMVP. Check out the “features(Hauppauge Computer Works: MediaMVP)”: and the “pricing(Hauppauge MediaMVP)”: Then find out more about the forthcoming “Prismiq Media Player/Recorder(The PRISMIQ Media Player/Recorder)”:

Musical Routers

My aunt is getting DSL today. I decided that the best and easist thing for her was to be safely esconced behind a router. So…. I bought a new router, a “NetGear WGT624(Model WGT624)”:, which is of the line that Adam Kalsey recently “recommended(NAT is not a firewall)”:

TiVo Extraction Distraction

bq.The operator of a Web forum devoted to and sponsored by digital video recorder maker TiVo has asked people to stop posting information about how to copy video off the device onto another machine, fearing he could be held liable for violating a controversial digital copyright law.

Treo 600

Kevin Werbach offers both an “opinion(First Thoughts on the Treo 600)”: and a “photograph(A photo from the Treo 600 camera)”: from his new Treo 600. It is interesting but I am not sure at this point I can justify to myself spending so much on the “upgrade(Handspring: Promotions: Treo 600)”: from the 300.

New Age Content Distribution

bq.”Brian Behlendorf(Apache co-founder talks about open source)”: was at the same two presentations at at the end of Raffi’s, he leaned over to me and said that he wanted to be able to get content for his “TiVo(Hacker Takes a Crack at TiVo)”:,1282,59028,00.html via “BitTorrent(Interview Responses From BitTorrent’s Bram Cohen)”:

On Backup Storage

Many years ago (aka 1997), I was working in a library where we backed up our circulation system every day on floppy disks. We did daily backups of just those transactions performed that day. We could also do weekly backups and full backups .