Caution: This Post may cause a Trigger Warning

I hadn’t heard of Twigger Warnings before the other day but it seems like a hot topic today.

For all of their reputation for free thinking, universities can be governed by well-meaning but stifling liberal orthodoxy. The latest example comes in the form of the push on several campuses for “trigger warnings” — statements that advise students that a particular book or other work includes disturbing content that might trigger traumatic reactions in certain people.

Library 2.0 Challenge

My Director attended the “Tampa Bay Library Consortium Annual Meeting(sylvar’s photos / Tags / tblc2006)”: last week and came back with an interesting flyer.
bq.Web 2.0 is all the buzz. Library literature and conferences, the general news media and the internet at large are focusing on these new integrated technologies.

Pluto Power

Everyone once in a while, there is a story that just makes me angry. This is one of those.
bq.Pluto, beloved by some as a cosmic underdog but scorned by astronomers who considered it too dinky and distant, was unceremoniously stripped of its status as a planet Thursday.

Mobile Computer Lab Contest

Last night, I attended an open house at one of our local places of learning, “Sebring Middle School(Sebring Middle School)”: The vast majority of the time was spent voting in the “FutureReady Mobile Computer Lab Contest(FutureReady – Mobile Computer Lab Contest)”:

Kutztown 13

Anyone who has ever had to manage any number of public computers knows what an ordeal it can be. It is also something of a running battle betweens administrators and users.
bq.The trouble began last fall after the district issued some 600 Apple iBook laptops to every student at the high school about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Handheld Kenya

I have always felt that the true appeal of e-books lay in replacing textbooks.
bq.Fifty-four 11-year-old students are willing guinea pigs in an extraordinary experiment aimed at using technology to deliver education across the continent. In the Eduvision pilot project, textbooks are out, customised Pocket PCs, referred to as e-slates, are very much in.


SanDisk has introduced “FlashCP(SanDisk Introduces FlashCP — Technology To Put Student Textbooks on a USB Flash Drive)”:, which amount to a sort of text book on a stick system. This could be huge if the companies involved realize the potential of what they have.


I learned a long time ago that most Europeans shared a common ancestry. But what I didn’t know was the similarity between “Hindi and Welsh(The common Indoeuropean heritage of Welsh and Hindi)”:, since apparently it was only discovered recently.

Schools and Taxes

Remember when I complained about the “class-size amendment(Florida Class Sizes)”: here in Florida? As you may recall, it passed, anyway. Of course, as I complained at the time, it is one thing to pass such an amendment and another to pay for it.