2003 OCLC Environmental Scan

I was at a meeting yesterday and ended up getting a copy of the “2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition(2003 OCLC Environmental Scan)”:http://www.oclc.org/membership/escan/default.htm. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it does have some very interesting information. If you are interested in libraries and have some spare time, you might …


“ComicPromote(ComicPromote � Comic Book Promotion Group)”:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ComicPromote/ has been formed in order “to promote the readership of comic books in schools and educational programs.” It sound like a worthy cause to me.

Teaching Music Online

The “Berklee School of Music(Berklee Shares)”:http://www.berkleeshares.com/ has a found a new use for file-sharing: helping to “teach(Free music lessons thanks to file sharing)”:http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2003/11/11/BUGOO2UMP91.DTL&type=tech future musicians.

Need an example

If you are creating a presentation or teaching something, it would be great if you could “use(example.com: use it, learn it, love it)”:http://www.dashes.com/links/archives/20031012.php#007502 a reserved generic website. Maybe something like “example.com(Example Web Page)”:http://www.example.com/?

Keyboard and Cursive

Are keyboards killing cursive? A very interesting article, which brings up a lot of issues. For myself, I write very little in cursive these days because what skills I had deteriorated over the years trying to keep up with college professors.

Home Economics or Library?

If you had to choose between having a full-time school librarian or a family consumer science teacher, which would you choose? I am betting that your answer might be different from the one that Lou Reste, Principal of North Andover Middle School, made.