TiVoToGo and CableLabs

Many people have been wondering what exactly happened to TiVoToGo in the new Series3 models.
bq.In the “Plug and Play” proceedings, the FCC required all cable companies to make available CableCARDs, which enable anyone to offer an alternative to set-top boxes.

The Danger of DRM

bq.The danger with DRM is that it gives corporations the power to change the rules of the game anytime they think it will benefit their bank account, even if that means zuning your music library. There’s no better illustration of this than when the world’s largest technology company curtails support of their OWN technology abandoning their hardware partners, music stores and most importantly customers they convinced to use Plays for Sure.

The DRM of Zune

Remember the recent discussion about Apple allowing PlaysforSure on the iPod?
bq.If SpiralFrog is successful, maybe Apple will cave in and allow WMA files to be played on their devices. – “Tom Peters(The DRM of SpiralFrog)”:http://www.libraryplanet.com/2006/09/14/spiralfrog This morning I have a different question.

The DRM of SpiralFrog

bq.For starters, SpiralFrog will use the WMA audio-file format developed by Microsoft, which will not play on the iPod product line. WMA reportedly has strong DRM [digital rights management], but there have been reports recently that it too has been hacked.

A Demilitarized GPL

Someone has come up with a new version of the General Public License that includes a new proviso.
bq.GPU is a Gnutella client that creates ad-hoc supercomputers by allowing individual PCs on the network to share CPU resources with each other.

Threats to DRM

bq.My local public library has a pretty extensive collection of CDs available for loan. – “Beck(Latest Threat To The Music Industry: CDs)”:http://techdirt.com/article.php?sid=20060803/0812248#c2 And if they slam the door on that, there are still “other ways(Digitize your LPs and tapes)”:http://playlistmag.com/features/2005/05/digitize/index.php…

Pournelle v. Doctorow

I have been a big fan of “This Week in Tech(This Week in Tech)”:http://www.twit.tv/ since the very beginning. Having never had the opportunity of seeing Tech TV back in the heyday, I have enjoyed it immensely. “This week’s episode(TWiT 64: Chaos Theory)”:http://www.twit.tv/64 was interesting for another reason: for the first time ever, I had met three of the partcipants, Chris Pirillo, Doug Kaye, and Jerry Pournelle.

Listen Like Thieves

Even for technically-inclined users, managing PlaysForSure subscriptions can prove to be quite a challenge.
bq.Here’s the problem I’m now running into: I’ve currently got a subscription to Napster, a trial account with Rhapsody, and another trial account with MTV’s URGE. That’s three separate subscriptions I’ve got floating across all my systems.

Owning the Public Domain

One part of the business model that “old media(Gnomedex comes to the 91505?)”:http://blackrimglasses.com/archives/2006/07/10/gnomedex-comes-to-the-91505/ has always relied on is the fact that they can sell you things more than once. Watch it in the theater, buy the dvd, watch it on broadcast… there are all sorts of ways to continue to derive income from something they produce.

When Free Isn’t

When is free not inexpensive enough? When it comes to downloadable music. It seems college students are not interested in the DRM-laden offerings that their colleges are offering. But I also found this part was worth noting.
bq.There’s also the problem of compatibility: The services won’t run on Apple Computer Inc.