Krug on Filters

A CIPA commentary by Judith Krug (and if you ever get the chance to hear her speak, you owe it to yourself to do so)

Filters No Cure-All

A very well-done article about CIPA and it includes at interesting anecdote about Arcadia University which you can read more about here

CIPA Web Aide

Visit “ filtering legislation information)”: for more information on CIPA compliance – but please keep in “mind”: that this is being brought to you by a particular “vendor(N2H2, Inc. – Delivering the Web You Want)”:

Continents Content Clash

European and American have differing “views(Russia’s endangered media)”: on restricting Internet content.

Australia and Harry Potter

An Australian “perspective(Not so wild about youngsters’ Harry)”:,4057,1901408%255E1683,00.html on the anti-Harry Potter movement.

Grappling with Filtering

More “grappling”:,2669,SAV-0104130277,FF.html with Internet Policies and Filters.