Tivo Web Project

I just discovered the totally-cool Tivo Web Project . Check out what Matt Kingston has implemented on Matt’s TiVo Page . (Of courge, I don’t know the first thing about implementing a program in TCL .)

Regulating Search Engines

Call it knee-jerk if you wish — because it is — but that way lies regulation, and I’d much rather see this goose continue to lay golden eggs. Make the search engines conform to basic ethical practices , but please don’t declare their operation a matter of the public good.


New jargon: Blogstreaming , the practice of chopping your weblog into a bunch of smaller weblogs so people can keep up with the interesting chunks and ignore the rest. Coined by Lloyd Wood on June 28, though he claims otherwise. – Rogers Cadenhead


I am testing blogBuddy which I chose from the list of resources at Blogroots . It will be nice to have an quick alternative to IE which still gives me all the editing icons.

Computer Knowledge Management

“Computers are wonderful at combing through databases and extracting data that meets certain defined criteria, and they do it so fast that humans feel deficient and threatened. And yet, computers don’t know what they know.” – Ernest Svenson