Want to use cutting-edge technology to turn your library back into the silent abode of yesteryear? “Babble(Babble: a real cone of silence)”: may be just what you are looking for. I can’t wait for the price to come down on this so I can try one out.

National Library Week

It has begun and LisNews has some “resources(National Library Week)”: to mark the occasion. If that isn’t enough, go read some more “news(National Library Week)”:

Making Judgments

I don’t always get around to reading American Libraries right when it arrives. After reading earlier about the later “Michael Gorman missives(Google at the Gates?)”:, I couldn’t resist breaking the shrinkwrap the first chance I got. What I haven’t seen mentioned was the attack on blogging in the editorial. bq.Right …

Cellphone Jammers

If they weren’t “illegal(Black-market cellphone jammers selling fast)”:, I bet a lot of libraries would buy one. I know ours would. And that is really unfortunate. Update: I just had to ask someone to cut off their conversation. Nextel are the worst.

Unsympathetic Aaron

As a long-time user of Lance Lavery’s “legendary product(Library Timer 2.0)”:, I had to laugh when I read what Aaron had to “say(Questionable Sympathy)”: Maybe I should tell him about how well it works in combination with “RSHUT(Introduction in RSHUT Pro)”:, which I have been using so long I still …