Cult of the Amateur

I just finished reading Andrew Keen’s “Cult of the Amateur(Cult of the Amateur)”: I had heard it discussed on more than one podcast, so I had been looking forward to reading it. It was pretty much what I expected. Keen holds a “Michael Gorman-esque(Gorman on Web 2.0)”: view of the world, in that the only choices that matter are made by book publishers, newspapers editors, and record producers.

Scholastic Sizzling

I just had the chance to lay my hands on “eight copies(Our Initial Potter Collection)”: of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but I didn’t even look at the title page. That I saw elsewhere.
bq.It didn’t take long for Scholastic, the U.S.

The Death of Harry Potter

Many people predict that Harry will not survive the “Deathly Hallows.”
bq.Although Rowling didn’t specify precisely when and how Potter will meet his doom, fans took for granted that he will die and are appalled by the very idea. One aficionado wrote, quote, ‘I truly feel that for Rowling to kill off any of the trio would reflect a callousness towards children I don’t wish to contemplate’, completely ignoring the fact that the author only hinted that the main character may die.

Harry Potter Home Stretch

bq.”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the last of seven installments of J.K. Rowling’s mega-selling international phenomenon, will be published July 21 – at midnight, of course, a time to be marked by celebrations and more than a few tears, as Rowling wraps up the magical adventures of the boy wizard, his friends and his enemies.

Harry Potter and the Interminable Wait

We had a patron just now who wanted to place a reserve on the book. While we have added marc records ahead of time in the past, I think it is still a trifle premature (although “Amazon(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)”: may feel differently).

Children Reading

bq.”I don’t think that it cuts down on the amount of imagination that a reader uses. What you’re looking at is a flat drawing on a sheet of paper. They’re filling in all of the details. – “Me(What Are Our Children Reading?)”: We have always gotten pretty positive coverage in our local newspapers but it seems like the last year, they have really increased their interest in what we are doing.

Comics Community in OPML

When I saw Steven’s “Comics Community List(Comics Community List)”: via “Dave Winer(Steven Cohen at PubSub)”:, I immediately sent the link to my brother because I thought it might be something he would find of interest. It turns out he had already seen it from “The Beat(PubSub Community Lists: The Comics List)”:

Literate Cities 2005

Where does your city rank among the nation’s “Literary Elite(America’s Most Literate Cities)”: The “methodology(Methodology)”: is probably problematic, but it seems like they can make a valid case for what they chose. Although with “newspaper circulation declining(A Bleak Future for the Broadsheet)”: so rapidly, I am wondering how important a criteria that will continue to be.


I have never been the biggest movie buff but I have been a fairly regular attendee at the movies. Until this summer. I realized the other day I hadn’t been in a theater since the debut of Batman Begins. Scary. On a happier note, though, I was thoroughly pleased with Serenity.

Coliseum of Comics Library

Coliseum of Comics is a chain of comic book stores that operate in the greater Orlando area (I have lost count how many different locations I have visited over the years). Now they have put together “The Coliseum of Comics Librarian & Teacher Resource(The Coliseum of Comics Librarian & Teacher Resource)”: