New Message Board is pleased to announced the creation of LibraryPlanet Postings , our new message board. Check it out sometime…

Conference Traveling

I am on my way to Tallahassee today to the 2001 Florida Public Library Technology Workshop sponsored by the Division of Library and Information Services and featuring the celebrated instruction of Marshall Breeding and Lance Lavery among others.

Retaining Netscape 4.x?

Over at library_geek the question is being asked: Why are all of you folks using Netscape 4.xx? I am curious what his results will be. (For the record so far this month at LibraryPlanet, visitors have used NS4.x 13% of the time while 6.x comes in at 0%; IE5.x leads with 78%)

Choose Sources with Care

My professor in Basic Information Sources was a firm believer for always find at least two sources for the answer to a question (I also saw this as an undergrad once: A sociology book stated a fact about the number of armed conflicts the US had been in; when I checked the source, it was an offhand comment from an opinion piece with no hint of any documentation)

library_geek makes news

I just made an addition to our Library News page: TJ Sondermann’s library_geek (which of course should not be confused with Lance Lavery’s ) Automation Update

We just completed an update of our “Automation”: page. Several new products are out there since last year, so if you are looking to update your system, check some of them out.

Blogger to Greymatter

After some careful consideration, it had been decided to make the switch from “Blogger(Blogger)”: to “Greymatter(Greymatter)”: Blogger remains a really great package, but we have lately become intrigued by the robustness of Noah’s product and we think it better serve’s our visitors in the long run.