Root of all Evil

Back when I first bought this domain, I picked it because it was absolutely the most arrogant sounding dot-comish name I could think of at the time. I even had some vague fantasies of making a little bit of money off the site but I decided very early on, I just wasn’t that interested.

Military Sea Services Museum

The “Military Sea Services Museum(Military Sea Services Museum)”:, in Sebring, Florida, is the only museum in the U.S. to honor the Military Sea Services (The U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard). Not long after the building originally opened, it was damaged by Hurricane Jeanne and required some $100,000 worth of repair.

New Look for 2006

I haven’t made any design changes for a while and I was having a lot of site issues due to changes in Textpattern over the last eight months. So when I saw “Hemingway(Hemingway)”:, I knew it was the perfect choice for this year.

Hurricane Wilma Update

It turned out that the storm passed far enough south of us that we got off relatively light (although there were still some areas of the county that experience some power outages). And since it was relatively quick, I actually arrived home a mere 24 hours after I originally left.

Hurricane Wilma

We won’t be doing much preparing for the future today at my library, though. Due to the fact that we are just slightly north of the path of the latest hurricane to come our way. Between Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne last year, this is starting to become an unwelcome trend.

Change in Circumstances

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Partly it is just one of those periods where I get into a sort of funk. It is beginning to life, though, or I wouldn’t even have been able to write this. But it is also a change in my job duties.

Preparing for Rita

On a personal level last year, even when I went days without power and internet access at home due to the Hurricanes, I was glad to know that my websites were all secure elsewhere. This time, things are different.
bq.With one of history’s most powerful hurricanes bearing down on the Houston/Galveston area, EV1Servers is taking steps to protect the more than 1 million web sites hosted in its Houston data centers.

Potter Politics

bq.”Half-Blood Prince” is much more focused and streamlined. Plus, Harry isn’t so teen angsty anymore, so he doesn’t speak IN CAPITAL LETTERS any more, which is quite a relief. It’s restored my faith in the series and made me painfully eager for the final book.

Featured on Flickr

I never ever thought humble little me would have a photograph “spotlighted(Potter Erotica)”: on the Flickr Blog. I feel so honored. Thanks to Steven because that is “where(Potter Pate)”: I find out about it. Meanwhile, over at “Yahoo!(On the Web Comic Conventions)”:, my brother’s “Comic Book Book Conventions)”:h is pretty featured as well.

I created a new LIS-related site this week, “”: I am hoping that it will inspire library-related podcasts to reach a new high. If you do one and are feeling left out, don’t hesitate to let me know. If you are thinking of starting one, now is the perfect time.