Future of …

Don Park’s “demonstration(A Glimpse of Blogging in the Near Future)”:http://www.docuverse.com/blog/donpark/2003/08/05.html#a794 of the future of blogging brings to mind a patron I was helping a few minutes ago to use our PAC. We have actually been at this for several weeks. This is a knowledge, intelligent well-read elderly lady.

Remember Me @ Your Library

bq.Columbus Metropolitan Library is a fantastic library. In fact, they were rated the #2 library in the U.S. in 2002. Their website has a great feature that I use frequently which allows library users to reserve titles from their catalog online.

Lack of Internet Interest

As hard as it is for some people to believe, this Pew Study found more than 40 percent of Americans simply are not interested in the Internet. Not suprising to me.

Browser Resources

Andrew Mutch, once known for his customization tips for Netscape Navigator, has assembled a set of Browser Resources that let you take things much further.

Baseball Internet Broadcasting

Major League Baseball is going to begin broadcasting games over the Internet. Their primary concern, however, is using technological means to make sure that no one will be able to buy a game who does not meet the proper standard .

Cruising the Web

How do you check your e-mail when on a cruise? There are ways to do it, although some are more cost-effective than others.

On Libraries and Internet Access

The Orangeburg Public Library has 18 Internet Stations and a two-hour per day time limit. My library has 6 stations and a one-hour per day limit. Dale Sengleman feels he is being singled out over the new Orangeburg policy.