Solano Internet Policy

bq.There are no easy answers in providing Internet access in public libraries. It is further complicated by the fact that library users want and demand more computers and access to technology. – “Solano County Library(Libraries’ Web policy scrutinized)”:

DVD Firestorm

bq.Hillsborough County Commissioner “Ronda Storms(Storms Warning)”: is once again “riling people up(DVD Reaction)”: by questioning whether the county’s public libraries should be spending $559,000 on DVDs, including popular movies and television programs. Opponents act as if she is advocating book-burning, but she makes solid points. She doesn’t think it necessary …

DVD Reaction

For more reaction about the “Ronda Storms Resolution(Storms Warning)”:, you can read these letters from in opposition from “Ben Ostrosky(Bereft Of Pleasure)”: of “TBLC(Tampa Bay Library Consortium)”:, “David McCant(Can’t Afford Blockbuster)”:, and “Arthur Brown(Libraries Supply Demand)”: Her supporters include “Mike Nielsen(Kudos To Storms)”: and “Francis Geiger(Commends Commish)”:, the latter of …

Storms Warning

“Ronda Storms(County Commissioner, District 4)”: is a member of the Hillsborough County Commission. And apparently is so bored with her position that she constantly finds things to raise an uproar about. This week it is about the selection policy for DVD materials in the “Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library(Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library …

Latt Maxcy Blog

I just “found out(blogger near avon park, fl)”: that the “Latt Maxcy Memorial Library(Latt Maxcy Memorial Library)”: (which is about 10-15 minutes away) has the “Latt Maxcy Memorial Library Blog(Latt Maxcy Memorial Library Blog)”: It is apparently something of a well-kept secret.

Darien Double

The Darien Library has been forced to use carts as “makeshift shelves(Darien Library buys property to double its space)”:,0,4522155.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines due to a lack of space. With the 2.23-acre parcel they recently purchased, they now have a bold “Plan for the Future(Future Library Plans)”:

Earning Amnesty

Many libraries offer “amnesty programs(national library week amnesty)”: in conjunction with National Library Week. Some, though, get creative. The “Phoenixville Public Library(Phoenixville Public Library)”: is seeking “canned goods(Late fees forgiven for canned goods )”: . The “Benton Public Library(Benton Public Library)”: (along with the other libraries of Franklin County) are …

Palo Alto Downturn

Remember how things were going so well in Palo Alto “once(Palo Alto Polling)”: upon a time? That is not true any more. A plan to “close(Palo Alto library closing attacked)”: the downtown branch has residents very upset.