Italy wants Prisoners to Read

Italy wants Prisoners to Read

In Calabria, a southern region of Italy, Prisoners who read books can actually decrease their prison sentences. The regional council of Calabria, in southern Italy, has approved a bill to reduce jail time for three days for each book read. It would be capped at 48 days in one year …

A Truly Virtual Library

Since my first take on Second Life, there have been a lot of things happening in the space. One of the most interesting for me personally is the launch of the “Second Library Library 2.0(Second Life Library 2.0)”: There was an “earlier project(Turning the Pages at the SL Public Library)”: …

Reagan Library Cat

Most presidential libraries don’t have their own cats. The “Reagan Library(Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library)”: apparently “does(600-pound cat prowling close to Reagan Library)”:,1413,200~20954~2720120,00.html, but they wish it would go somewhere else.