Italy wants Prisoners to Read

Prison Library

In Calabria, a southern region of Italy, Prisoners who read books can actually decrease their prison sentences.

The regional council of Calabria, in southern Italy, has approved a bill to reduce jail time for three days for each book read. It would be capped at 48 days in one year – amounting to 16 books in 12 months. According to local newspaper Corriere della Sera, inmates’ progress would be tracked by prison officers to stop abuse of the system. – Italian prisoners get cut sentences for reading as UK ‘book ban’ continues

It makes sense to me. It isn’t like it is going to make that big a difference in terms of time served but it could do some good in the long run.

The article also talks about the policy in the UK which doesn’t allow prisoners to receive packages. To me, it seems like there ought to be a way of families buy things from an approved third-party vendor.

Second Life Library Opening

bq.The Alliance Library System and the Second Life Library/Info Island collaborative group of librarians are pleased to announce the grand opening and a host of activities planned for Second Life residents scheduled October 12-14, 2006. All events will be held in Second Life and are free to residents. – “Lorelei Junot(Alliance Second Life Library/Info Island Announce Grand Opening)”: If you have been looking for an excuse to find out what Second Life is all about, this weekend is an excellent to see. Just “create an avatar(Second Life Registration)”: and come over to “Info Island(Info Island)”: for a visit.

A Truly Virtual Library

Since my first take on Second Life, there have been a lot of things happening in the space. One of the most interesting for me personally is the launch of the “Second Library Library 2.0(Second Life Library 2.0)”: There was an “earlier project(Turning the Pages at the SL Public Library)”: (hence the 2.0). I haven’t found out exactly what happened. But I think our focus is going to be more focused on providing virtual reference rather than as a material repository (although we will certainly be doing some of that as well). One interesting aspect of SL is that there is a clear demarcation between what is known as “The Teen Grid” and the areas where adults interact and, from what I understand, there are good reasons behind this. It does, however, pose a challenge for this type of service. Currently, the “Virtual Teen Library(Virtual Teen Library: Second Life)”: is looking into how to deal with this. Perhaps someday we will be able to have a Teen Room inside the main library, but I don’t think the technology supports that sort of thing yet. If you would like to learn more, “stop by(Second Life Library)”: for the “Book Discussion( Programs at Second Life Library 2.0)”: tomorrow night (which is also an organizational meeting). It should be an exciting time.

Reagan Library Cat

Most presidential libraries don’t have their own cats. The “Reagan Library(Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library)”: apparently “does(600-pound cat prowling close to Reagan Library)”:,1413,200~20954~2720120,00.html, but they wish it would go somewhere else.

Anti-Presidential Library

Many Presidents have their own libraries, including Bill Clinton and the Clinton President Center . Now someone is starting a Counter Clinton Library .