Audio Downloads and Social Book Reviews

One of my favorite weblogs to keep up with technology issues is Download Squad. I thought it was going to be about software but it covers all sorts of things. What it doesn’t usually do, though, is cover library issues. Tonight is a little different.

ATIZ BookDrive

Remember how I said last week I wasn’t worried about libraries disappearing? Well, take a look at the “ATIZ BookDrive(ATIZ BookDrive: The World’s First Portable Automatic Book Scanner)”: It obviously means I was wrong and libraries are done and I need to get to work on polishing up my resume and… Or maybe not.


Then (aka September of 2004):
bq.I’ve been lurking on the ipodder-dev list, and have been totally impressed with how productive this community of users and developers has been. At the core is an activity they call podcasting, a really simple idea with powerful implications.

1 Terabyte Ipod

I saw “Richard Madaus(J. Richard Madaus)”: of CCLA give a keynote speech at this year’s TBLC Annual Meeting about future trends of technology. One of Richard’s predictions was centered around the concept of an iPod with one terabyte of storage. He isn’t the only one making predictions like that.

Norton Woes

When we built a new computer for my mother a few months ago, I made the mistake of installing the 90-day trial copy of Norton Internet Security that came with it. After I couldn’t uninstall it via Add/Remove Programs, I did a “search”: and came up with “Uninstalling Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall 2003 or earlier using the RnisUPG.exe removal utility(Uninstalling Norton Internet Security or Personal Firewall 2003 or earlier using the RnisUPG.exe removal utility)”:

Opera 8.02

If you haven’t taken a look at “Opera(Opera Web Browser)”: for a while, today might be a good day to give it a try. You can also take advantage of the “free registration offer(Opera 8.02)”: if advertisements aren’t your thing. The “BitTorrent integration(Opera Incorporates BitTorrent)”: has gotten lots of attention, but it has really matured in other ways as well.

Google Talk

I had an interesting time playing with the “Google Talk(Google Talk)”: client this morning as I was lucky enough to find “Greg Schwartz(Open Stacks)”: online and we had a nice chat. It seems very bare-bones but functional. If anyone wants a Gmail invite to try it out (assuming there is anyone out there left without an account), let me know.


bq.There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. – Ken Olsen Kevin Maney has assembled a list of “infamous technology-related quotes(Tech titans wish we wouldn’t quote them on this baloney)”: that actually are not. Except for the one above.

Wild over Widgets

bq.I love the idea of a “search the library” widget. Let’s take it a step further, though, and add one that shows what I have checked out and when it’s due. Oh, and how about a box for my library’s virtual reference or IM service?

Yahoo! Audio Search

I tried it out earlier after Michael “linked(Yahoo Searches Audio Content)”: to it. The ability to comparison shop at different music stores is pretty neat, although some “results(the man who sold the world)”: make more sense than “others(with arms wide open)”: