RIAA Legal Test

bq.In their briefs, the groups called for a new legal test that could hold companies responsible for their customers’ copyright infringement, even if they have no direct control over that activity. Allowing businesses “predominately” devoted to copyright infringement to operate has disrupted a traditional legal balance between technological advance and …

Security vs. Books

Susan Odencrantz, the director of the Tacoma Public Library , unhappy with the lack of police protection afforded the library (where drug deals and drug use are a common occurence), wants to divert $100,000 dollars from the general fund for additional security. The Library Board declined .

Leaving out Cliff

I was reading over the Brief History of Hacking put together by TLC and I am wondering how they could leave Cliff Stoll and the Cuckoo’s Egg case (which was my first introduction to Outlaw Hacking) as opposed to what Steven Levy was talking about.