The Rockets of Hezbollah

I usually avoid politics on I even have another place to write about them, but since that site needs some work done right now, I am going to break with my usual modus operandi and do it here. Dave Winer wrote a post yesterday, and in the proud tradition of Scripting News, it disappeared and then reappeared later.

Rights and Wrongs

I was preparing to write about the recent events at the “Montgomery County Public Library(Security Officers Overstep in Maryland Library Incident)”: and the “Newton Free Library(Public’s help sought in terror threat)”:, when as interesting as those stories, I came across this.

Extending the Patriot Act

bq.The House appears likely to make main parts of the act permanent, but in what form remains unclear. The Rules Committee met into the night on Wednesday to consider dozens of amendments offered by Democrats to impose more limits on the government’s surveillance powers in terrorism investigations.

Monuments of Blood

bq.Another successful landmark has been reached in our occupation of Iraq: The World Monuments Fund has just placed the country on its list of the Earth’s 100 most endangered sites. (“Widespread looting, military occupation, artillery fire, vandalism, and other acts of violence are devastating Iraq, long considered the cradle of human civilization.”) This is the first time that the Fund has ever put a whole nation on its list and so represents a singular accomplishment for the Bush administration, which knew not — and cared less — what it wrought.

Kings Cross

Before today, I thought of Kings Cross Station as the place where the train ride in “4:50 from Paddington(4.50 from Paddington)”: began. Or where Harry Potter and his fellow students got on the train to Hogwarts via “Platform 9 3/4(Platform 9 3/4, King’s Cross Station)”:


We are having a staff meeting this morning so I took the opportunity to get up early and get dressed. Having a few extra minutes, I chose to go online. A quick look through my Live Bookmarks led me to “Terrorist Acts in London(Terrorist Acts in London)”:

9/11 Myths

A lot of frivolous and ridiculous charges have swirled over the events of that day ever since it happened. Popular Mechanics has taken a serious look and “debunked(9/11: Debunking The Myths)”: them all.

Lost at Los Alamos

The “Los Alamos National Laboratory(Los Alamos National Laboratory)”: has a reputation for losing things. “Incidents(Los Alamos Disks Slipped)”: took place in 2000, 2002, and 2003. But things were even more serious in 2004.
bq.In an announcement last Friday, the lab confirmed that “two items of Classified Removable Electronic Media (CREM) were discovered missing from the Weapons Physics Directorate” inside the lab on July 7 during a special inventory being done for an upcoming experiment.

How Propaganda Breeds Hate

I happened to be in the room earlier when some books were being unpacked. Among them was “The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq”:*. I flipped through it and thought it a rather unlikely account, but was not concerned about it.

Traveling with Almanacs

A message for librarians: If you are going traveling anytime soon, be sure to leave the “almanac(FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs)”: back at the library in your reference collection. Update: or your “fish(The fish that threatened national security)”:, either.