Cool Keywords Don’t Change

1) The hard part for me about changing to each URL to a single keyword is that I have to be “careful(the URL includes a date-driven path)”: how I do it. Especially back when I used to do many short entries per day. I am thinking of whipping up a page for each month that both makes suggestions and shows me what I have used so far. I want to get the changeover done soon before the search engines react to the change. 2) 3) Rather than re-direct visitors directly to the new individual archives, I decided to redirect them to a page that allows them to choose. You can see the results via this “Google Search(Google Search: library)”: And speaking of search engines, I also updated the “robots.txt(robots.txt)”: for this site to make the archives offlimits. Oh, and the redirect page design is courtesy of “Layout-o-Matic(Layout-o-Matic)”: 3) The obvious downside of “misusing the keyword field(My worry about this system)”: is that even though I had not been using it, it would be unavailable in the future. I just found out from reading “more on friendly URLs(More on Friendly URLs)”: that this issue has been resolved with the “Short Title Plugin(Short Title Plugin)”: Square Brackets, here I come. Update: I developed a method of making the pages I wanted with the entry list “sorted by keyword(Sort by Keyword)”: Check out the “September 2003(September 2003 URL List)”: example.